Weight Loss Programs for Women

Are you looking for weight loss programs for women? Are you unhappy with your weight, posture, or energy levels, or would like a sustainable fitness solution? These articles, video exercises, and tips, will help you achieve your fitness goals fast.

One of the biggest challenges women tend to deal with throughout their life is their weight.

Weight problems manifest themselves in different ways, it may be that:

  • You have a closet full of clothes you can not fit into, but you keep them in hopes that one day you will fit into them again. You call them your “skinny clothes “
  • You are always tired, and never have enough energy
  • You are self conscious of your body and do not like to draw attention to your size
  • You hate seeing pictures of yourself, and hide when someone takes out camera; or you consistently hide at the back of group photos
  • Your sex drive is in the gutter

A lot of women look to solve this problems by following restricted diets that are not sustainable.

Most of modern diets, and weight loss programs seem to work at the beginning, by they never really address the crucial part of fat loss.

I have worked with many women who are so frustrated about what to do, and what to eat, and I would say most of them have a good amount of fat that won't go away in the beginning; but we finally succeed in dealing with the client's weight problem.

Fat free Diets

Another mistake women make that they eliminate FAT in their food, because most of us believe eating or consuming fat will make us fat; but that's not how it works.

You must include good quality fats in your diet throughout the day. This is so important for your hormones, fat loss and overall health.

All or Nothing

Another problem is the "All or Nothing" attitude.

Some women tend to be black or white, or on or off. They are either on their super strict diet and focused, or they are off their diet and binge on food; this shouldn't be so.


Help Tips

The crucial part of any fitness program is exercise, diet alone is not enough, and regular exercise is not only beneficial for fat loss but overall health.

Set Some Weight Loss Goals

You need to set some goals and plan to exercise on a continuous basis.

A good idea is to exercise thirty minutes per week which is very realistic and sustainable, if you attempt to loose weight without exercise you should expect only temporary results.

The best ideas that have worked for my clients and I are these simple suggestions. You can take one or two ideas from this list and put them to work.

  • Do not go on a diet, eat reasonably, and do not starve or deprive yourself
  • Avoid anything closely related to a "Hollywood" or "Beyonce die"t, because it's going to be a disaster
  • Avoid empty calories, and processed or refined foods, like soda and sweets
  • Eat smaller meals, eat light at every meal to keep your blood sugar steady and your metabolism stoked
  • Eat healthy fat, omega 3 fatty acid, such as those found in Salmon
  • Eat lots of vegetables, and drink lots of water
  • Get sufficient quality and quantity of sleep
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Avoid negative people, surround yourself with positive people
  • Focus only on intensity exercises, and not duration. Exercise should not last more than thirty to forty five minutes anything longer is complete waste of time

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