Weight Loss Programs for Men

Looking for weight loss programs for men? Whether you are looking for a lean body or a solid one, or if you are looking to boost your energy levels or increase strength, these Men fitness programs and tips will help you achieve just that.

Most men have a typical body fat pattering with fat covering their abdominal, particularly their stomach.

On my weigh loss programs for men, we will be using a variety of workout programs of , varying intensity, volume and duration to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Some of the fitness challenges men face come from:

  • Gaining fat around the mid-section stomach
  • Low testosterone level which results in low sex drive
  • Working long hours and travel one hour daily to work
  • Getting married, and not having enough time to exercise
  • Having children, and not being able to commit to a routine of exercise
  • The fear of sustaining an injury, or getting crushed by a barbell
  • The love for his family. He probably played sports at college but ends up giving this up when the demand of life takes over.
This is how men tend to deal with their fitness challenges:


Most men tend to deal with these problems by taking up running, however when they get injured they become discouraged and stop.

Lifting Weights

Some try to lift heavy weights using the wrong technique or form, using information they get out of men's fitness magazines; then they get injured and stop.

Engaging in long workouts

Your workout shouldn't take more than 30 to 45 minutes including warm ups. I've watched lots of men indulging in a workout that takes too long probably because they saw it recommended in a magazine. This becomes counterproductive.

Avoid traditional body building methods if you want to be able to measure your results, and live a productive life


Taking a bit of professional advice could help men achieve their fitness goals, however, ego problems stop men from asking advice that could actually help them.

Buddying Up

Buddying up with a workout partner could be a tremendous source of motivation; however having a workout partner that is unable to discern what is right or wrong, could cause more complications than resolve problems.

Spending Time in the Gym

Generally with my observation over several years, spending too much time in the gym has been one of the big obstacles preventing most men from achieving their fitness goals.

To boost your overall fitness, look for ways to reduce your daily stressors at work, and at home; and get a lot of uninterrupted sleep.


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