“West London Fitness Programs by Victoria Boer Guarantee You'll look and Feel Great!”

Do you want to feel better, look great, and be healthier? Our Fitness programs guarantee great results!

Victoria Boer

You'll have the power to achieve this, all under the expert guidance of Victoria Boer. Together, we will assess where you are now, and map a route to where you need to be. We will take the time to work out what works best for you.

Our programs are run professionally, they are creative, fun and enjoyable. You'll enjoy the journey of getting from where you are to where you need to be, and your results will not go unnoticed!


Fitness Programs

# 1. Lose 2kg a in 14 days

This is our most popular program.

On this program you will get a solid foundation of what works. You will learn about how best to go about a detoxification program, and how to cleanse and elimnate fungus parasites from your body.

You will also learn how to boost your immune health, burn fat, and gain a better understanding of the hormones that control your body's metabolism.

# 2. Accountability program

Do you want to achieve your health and fitness goals without fail?

Then this is the program for you.

Our Accountability program is designed to help you focus on what helps, eliminating external distractions, and helping you to achieve your goals.

# 3. Healthy pregnancy program

Do you want to look and feel great during pregnancy?

Then this is the program for you.

This is a presonalised program that helps you to design your own unique fitness program. Together we desig and implement the best types of exercises to help you feel and look great during pregnancy.

We'll also be there for you after the baby has arrived, and we'll design the best exercise for you as your body transit from one semester to the next.

# 4. Stress Buster

Do you want to eliminate Stress?

Then our Stress Buster program is what you really need.

On this program we conduct a lifestyle assessment to help you identify the stressors in your life and eliminate them.

# 5. Fundamental Movement Assessment

Do you need to know what areas you need to work on and things you need to be mindful of as you set out on a fitness regime?

This is a program based on your biological body, we perform an assessment to figure out your core muscle strength, ankle mobility, and hip flexibility.

We help you work out what the biggest challenges you may need to be mindful of and address, as you move forward to implement any weight loss program

# 6. Metabolic Typing

Do you wish to understand your body's metabolism?

This program enables you to understand the kind of metabolic type you are born with, so that we can be sure that you are eating the right food for your body.

# 7. Body Shape Program

Do you wish to have a personalised fitness program designed to suit your particular body shape?

We recognise that we all have different body shapes and need to exercise differently depending on our body shape.

Our Body Shape Program enables you to do just this.

# 8. Educational Food Shopping

Are you confused about what to eat and not to eat?

Our Educational Food Shopping program, will help you get through the fog of confusion that is out there.

We make sure you receive the best advice regarding your food shopping so that you will always make a better choice of food.

# 9. Bride Fitness

Do you need to loose the necessary weight just before your wedding day?

Then our Bride Fitness program is a must for you.

This special program will help you drop 2Kg every 14 days, and look fantastic just in time for your wedding day.


Benefits of Working with Me

The benefits of working with me are many.

You get:

  • Private one to one attention
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Excellent support on the way to achieving your health an fitness' goals
  • A FREE 12 week nutrition and diet book
  • The Best Nutrition guide plans.


Packages & Pricing

# 1. Silver package

Enjoy the benefit of training twice weekly with me you will receive coaching and inspiration.

Basic Coaching: £480 per month.

# 2. Gold package

Wanting quicker results? You will be training with me 3 times weekly.

Speed Coaching: £840 per month.

# 3. Platinum package

Our Vip Package is reserved for clients who are looking to train 5 times a week. You will also have flexibility of rescheduling without without being charged for extra.

VIP Coaching: Contact us for details




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On 15/02/2011 these were my measurements.  Bust 44" Waist 34" Hip 44".  On 29/08/2011 these were my measurements. Bust 37"  Waist 30"  Hip 40".  My aim is Bust 36" Waist 28 and Hip 38. Mercy, London.   "Write Your Own Success Story"

?Victoria Boer, former Olympic Athlete, is now working with a select group of private clients in order to achieve their ideal bodies and health. Each West London Personal Training program is customized to the clients' specific goals and unique needs. This individualization leads to outstanding results and that is why Victoria has become one of the most sought after Hammersmith West London Personal Trainer."