Personal Fitness Success Stories, Hammersmith, West London

These are some success stories of clients that I have helped to achieve their Personal Fitness Goals:


Rachel lost 12kg, and went from size 22 to 10, in 6 months!


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Benaifer Patell

I used to think that exercising was an option and that I was always too busy….I soon learnt that it was as important as breathing.  On my 40th birthday, my sister bought me a set of lessons with her personal trainer, Victoria Boer.  A few sessions and conversations about my lifestyle later, and it was apparent that lack of exercise and poor diet was a key factor in why I constantly felt sluggish and could not concentrate for long. 

Victoria devised a personal programme for me to address my various issues, and I knew that this was something I had to continue with if I was to have any hope of leading a healthy life, and avoid common problems of arthritis, diabetes, heart problems that most people feel is a part of old-age.  I have had lessons most weekends for the last two years, and have also seen a food scientist, Dirk Budka, recommended by Victoria that helped me find out what foods I was best to avoid and which would be beneficial. 

It sounded simple, but it really worked and the whole programme of exercise and change of diet has helped my body to move a lot better and my mind is more alert. 

I would like to pass on the important lesson that I have learnt, which is that exercise is far from an option, it is a necessity and should be built into your daily routine, which will help you and your family and friends to get more out of life.

Benaifer Patell


Roshini Haywood

Since meeting Victoria two and half years ago she has had a massive impact on my and my husband's life and lifestyle.  She has significantly improved our fitness, strength, stamina and body shape.  She helped me shift all my pregnancy wait within the first 6 weeks and I was able to fit into all of my clothes! 

Victoria focuses on the well being of all her clients and tailors her program to fit in with what the client needs ... she provides a holistic program focusing not only on exercise but also ensuring that you eat the right food.  As such, my diet has improved substantially and I and my family now eat much more healthily. I would thoroughly recommend Victoria to anyone who wants to change the way they look and feel.  I was amazed at the results and the amount of energy I have at both work and at home keeping up with a 2 year old!

Roshni Haywood


Size 20 to a Size 12



Rebekah A. Hall

I trained with Victoria during my pregnancy, from three months up until 9 months. Working out with her was immensely valuable because I was able to gain strength over the months in all the right places without strain. For me, this especially included my legs and lower back. I was able to move around incredibly well up until the last few weeks, when no one can move easily at that point! I know that this would not have been possible without working out consistently with Victoria. 

In total, I gained 27 pounds and had a healthy 8-pound boy. After the pregnancy, I returned to working out after 10 weeks. I lost most all baby weight by 4 months.  

Rebekah A. Hall
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Greg Vaughan- Personal Trainer

Life-changing force, that's what Victoria is! Inspiring, intelligent, knowledgeable, skillful, demanding but caring and supportive. She is the life coach you will love! Yes, life coach, not just a personal trainer. Victoria is the one person you will always look forward to work with. Watch out, her positive energy and attitude are highly contagious!

Greg Vaughan- Personal Trainer


Priya Shah

"Victoria gets straight to the point, takes nonsense, gives plenty of encouragement making you give 100% every time. As a result you feel healthier, your body is fit and toned and you look absolutely fantastic!! I started training with Victoria 2 years ago and have never looked back! It is the best decision I have ever made about my health and fitness."

Priya Shah


Patricia Kingori

Training with Victoria is an excellent opportunity to have someone just focusing on you and how your body and life can be better.  It's amazing to work with someone dedicated to simply that!

Patricia Kingori



Since training with Victoria I have improved the length of time I can run without stopping from 3 mins to 60 mins, I have increased my energy levels dramatically and achieved a significant weight loss. It hasn't been easy, has taken an enormous amount of effort and I'm not there yet, but with the results so far its been worth it!

Victoria is most definitely 'one of a kind', she is very passionate about what she does and puts in a lot of time and effort into training her clients. Training is hard, but she will have you laughing and most importantly, she will get you to where you want to be!

(Client did not want their name to be mentioned)


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On 15/02/2011 these were my measurements.  Bust 44" Waist 34" Hip 44".  On 29/08/2011 these were my measurements. Bust 37"  Waist 30"  Hip 40".  My aim is Bust 36" Waist 28 and Hip 38. Mercy, London.   "Write Your Own Success Story"

?Victoria Boer, former Olympic Athlete, is now working with a select group of private clients in order to achieve their ideal bodies and health. Each West London Personal Training program is customized to the clients' specific goals and unique needs. This individualization leads to outstanding results and that is why Victoria has become one of the most sought after Hammersmith West London Personal Trainer."