15 Tips to Help You make Great Progress with Your Fitness Programme

Here are a few tips that would help you to successfully achieve your fitness or weight loss goals:

Trying to keep fit or lose weight, as you are already aware, is a bumpy road, scattered with a few successes. Only a few people end up being able to achieve their goal.


# 1. Clarify your Motive

Before starting a fitness programme, you should clarify your reason for starting one. What are you trying to achieve?

# 2. Focus on Progression, not Perfection

If you follow a programme, learn to stick with it for a period length of 6 to 8 weeks before progressing to another one.

# 3. Set Goals

Build confidence and stay motivated through goal setting. The importance of goal setting cannot be underestimated.

To help you stay motivated, to achieve your goal, break it down into measurable steps so that you could measure your progress and get results every single week.

# 4. Intensity and Not Duration

Learn to love intensity, not duration. Short intensity training will get you results. They are less time consuming, and you will achieve your goal, and be able to maintain your results.

# 5. Clothes and Not Scale

What do I mean by this?

Measure your achievement by clothes size, and not by your weight on a scale.

# 6. Sound Thinking

To successfully develop new eating and exercise habits you, you need to change what's going on inside your head and in your life.

Better thinking will not only help you achieve the body shape or weight you desire, but it will help you gain more confidence that will improve your career, relationships, and boost your personal happiness.


In order to make the type of progress that you would like to make, there are some barriers that you would need to have removed, or thinking that you would need to change to make good progress:

# 7. Don't Rely on Diets, Pills, Detoxification Programs

Most people trying to keep fit, or loose weight tend to go on diets , take diet pills , or start an extreme detoxification program , but in my perspective they don't really address one's need to loose weight or be fit in the first place.

# 8. Set Realistic Goals

Another thing people do in trying to keep fit or loose weight is that they set unrealistic goals. They set their expectations too high, and will say to themselves, “I'm just going to make this work this time around”.

Set SMART fitness or weight loss goals instead.

# 9. Prepare for the Unexpected

Most of the time life usually throws the unexpected in our way, throwing us of balance, causing us to lose focus of our goal.

Most people never seem to achieve their goals because they have not taken into account the unexpected. Have a contingency plan.

# 10. Develop Discipline, and Confidence

Hiring a coach or getting a fitness buddy could help you overcome the lack of discipline. Many people don't even attempt a fitness program, because of the lack of discipline .Others fear failure and don't even get started at all.

Setting small, realistic and achievable goals could help you gain the confidence to achieve bigger goals.

# 11. Avoid Celebrity Programs

Don't get carried away with the crowd, or by public opinion. Some people jump at every celebrity endorsed program, and end up following a short promising program that doesn't really have any impact, or produce any results.

# 12. Plan and be Consistent

To succeed at anything you need to plan. I have found that this is a major problem most people have. Others tend to jump from one diet to another, some of these methods may be so conflicting that they end up in a very confused state. Be focused and stick to your plan.

# 13. Be Results Oriented

Focus on results rather than cost. Some people go for cheap solutions. They hire a cheap personal trainer but never get the results they are looking for; or they join crowded classes at the gym, and tend never tend to get very far. Other people think they don't have enough time or cannot afford to buy a gym membership.

It is better to pay a bit more for a personal trainer with the right expertise and get results, than to keeping on paying out little bits of money here and there, and never achieving anything.

# 14. Use Credible Information Sources

Most people take advice from YouTube, or the internet, they implement this for a while, and then find out that it doesn't work. This could be avoided by seeking professional advice, from credible sources.

# 15. Have a Change of Mind

I would say that most of these problems are really rooted in the mind. The problem generally tends to be a mind set problem. People need to exchange their defeating beliefs for empowering ones, and they will get the success they require and desire.


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