All About Chronic Back Pain Causes
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Get lasting relief and healing from back pain. Chronic Back Pain Causes: Find out how to treat acute back pain, through exercise and fitness strategies.

One of the major problems most people come to me about is “Back Pain”.

Before you can treat your lower back pain, you need to understand how you may have triggered of the problem in the first place.

So let's examine a few reasons why people end up with back pain...

Chronic back pain causes could be linked to:

Poor Posture

The biggest cause of back injuries in most people is poor posture. People don't know how to sit well, stand well, or lift well.

A person may begin to feel extremely tired towards the end of the day at the work bench or office attributing this to mental fatigue or boredom, when in actual fact it's due to a tired back and muscles.

Muscle Imbalances

Many back injuries occur through poor posture during lifting. Most of the people I've examined with these type of back problems tend to have muscle imbalances.

They either have light muscles throughout the length of their back; or on the other hand, the muscle is well developed one side of their back and almost none exist on the other. Now because of these imbalances, serious back pain results.

Muscle Wastage

Another cause of back pain occurs through the strain of sitting or standing in the same position for a prolonged period.

Most people's jobs require that they sit in a chair most of the day; and others require that they stand. Even as too much of anything could be bad for you, people's backbones and muscles end up wasting away.

If you don't use the muscles in your back then, they will degenerate and waste away, this is one of the main causes of back pain as we get older.

Common Treatments for Back Pain

People generally tend to think,

“Oh I have a pain in my back; I must be careful and not exercise my back and take it easy”.

It doesn't work that way.

The tissues in your back actually need loading and then recovery so they can adapt and get stronger.

Pain Relief Tablets

Some people are given tables by their doctors, to help bring about some pain relief, but this does not really solve the problem, because it has done nothing to eliminate its cause. Sooner or later the symptoms are likely to increase, and the pain becomes more permanent.


A lot of people try to treat their back pain through Acupuncture, often from recommendations by their doctors.

It must be noted however that this is only a pain reliever and can do very little to correct the structural distortions which might be causing the pain.


Many people resort to having surgery when the pain really becomes unbearable. Most people who I've come across who have had this type of treatment seem to have even worse trouble with their backs.

From a Fitness Perspective, I would say try the following solutions:

  • Focus on exercise to strengthen and balance the muscle around your spine
  • Learn the right way to lift
  • Use training to prevent back pain, but most people who use the gym without proper guidance may end up with a back injury from the way they train
  • Sitting can hurt your back, especially sitting for a prolonged period, like people normally do in a work setting. This is normally associated with disk herniation. To prevent this from happening you need:
    • Frequent standing breaks
    • Frequent changing of position
    • And some seated exercise.

Many books dealing with back pain list warnings on not to lift, bend, or twist. According to Dr Vic Baker, "This is a terrible indictment of experts".

Treating pain in your back does not have to be expensive; backs can be treated simply, easily, and at little cost.

My advice to you would be to take the necessary precautions to avoid injury to your back if possible, as prevention is its best cure .

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