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I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach; as well as a Personal Development and Lifestyle Coach. Not only am I a former Olympic Athlete; have I competed successfully in the Commonwealth Games and All-African Games.

Former Olympic Athlete

Hi I'm Victoria Boer, a former Olympic Athlete, and a Fitness Enthusiast . I'm passionate about helping people build their health and confidence through fitness.

I grew up in Africa and later Germany, moving to America for university on a sports scholarship. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, from South Carolina University, USA.

In America, since my scholarship depended on my fitness level, I quickly recognised that my ability to perform well and withstand pressure was crucial.

Since I had to make sure that I performed, there was no time for me to become unfit or unproductive.

During this time, I found ways to have gain more energy through fitness, and the idea of Victoria Boer Fitness was born.

Through my experience at the Olympics, I learnt what it meant to prepare and be committed to becoming a Winner. I use knowledge to empower my clients to go beyond their limits, and the expectations of others.

Sustainable Fitness

Even though genetics play a part in one's fitness levels, no one is born fit. I strongly believe it's important to work hard to keep our bodies functioning well, because as we age, hormones start to bring us down, for example we begin feeling tired for no reason.

No one becomes fit overnight, and it is important to build sustainable fitness in the long-term.

Get Started

Through specialised exercise regimes, I:

  • Help people build sustainable fitness through regular, and informed training
  • Help women and men regain lost energy and strength through a series of anti-aging exercises
  • Teach clients about exercise, overall, and how it greatly impacts their mental and physical health
  • Inform my clients about the benefits of healthy food, and address various food-related issues

Get started now and get ready to write your own success story. Click Here for your Complimentary Fitness Consultation

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On 15/02/2011 these were my measurements.  Bust 44" Waist 34" Hip 44".  On 29/08/2011 these were my measurements. Bust 37"  Waist 30"  Hip 40".  My aim is Bust 36" Waist 28 and Hip 38. Mercy, London.   "Write Your Own Success Story"

?Victoria Boer, former Olympic Athlete, is now working with a select group of private clients in order to achieve their ideal bodies and health. Each West London Personal Training program is customized to the clients' specific goals and unique needs. This individualization leads to outstanding results and that is why Victoria has become one of the most sought after Hammersmith West London Personal Trainer."